Imagine a world where things feel

Feel the structural state of things with printed sensing technology.
Get live performance insights remotely.
Respond in real time to real needs.

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The Value of Feeling™

Feelit gets Things to talk, turning even the simplest everyday industrial equipment into smart objects that can communicate in real time with manufacturers and users alike.
Our structural sensing technology uses printed, nanomaterial-based, fully-integrated sensors and cloud analytics to enable live, remote feedback on structural and performance changes in equipment.

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Nanotechnology and Predictive Analytics


RetroFeel™ consists of flexible, non-invasive nanomaterial sticker sensors that easily attach to any equipment, together with wireless communication units. The system serves as an “electronic skin” that alerts on critical structural and operational anomalies.


Feelit’s RetroFeel™️ is an IoT platform for the real-time remote sensing of structural changes in mechanical assets, using revolutionary non-invasive and easy to deploy nanomaterial sensing technology.

Predictive Analytics

By instantly pinpointing anomalies in strain, temperature, humidity, and vibration, RetroFeel™️ offers unparalleled real-time remote monitoring and predictive maintenance combined with zero downtime installation and instant results.

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