Now’s the time to deploy predictive maintenance

The COVID-19 crisis has emphasized the critical importance of remote management capabilities in industrial sectors.

As the COVID-19 crisis escalates, the preexisting operational challenges faced by managers within industrial sectors are becoming even more complex. Monitoring the structural integrity and operational performance of mechanical assets generally requires on-site presence, and is by and large reactive – resulting in frequent downtime and costly repairs.

The unprecedented limitations currently placed on employee presence in the workplace set maintenance capabilities back even further, both impacting the real-time availability of personnel and significantly increasing MTTR (Mean Time To Repair). At no other period was remote monitoring more relevant.

The COVID-19 crisis has emphasized the critical importance of remote management capabilities in industrial sectors

Feelit tackles this challenge head-on, with an intelligent, non-invasive solution that not only allows for pinpoint remote monitoring of various mechanical systems and gas/liquid delivery systems – but can now also be installed by your plant’s own technical team with remote guidance.

Using revolutionary nanomaterial printing technology, Feelit’s RetroFeel™ is an IoT platform for the real-time remote sensing of structural changes in mechanical assets. Consisting of flexible nanomaterial sticker sensors that easily attach to any equipment, as well as wireless communication units and AI-driven cloud analytics, RetroFeel™ serves as an “electronic skin” that alerts on structural and operational anomalies in advance, prevents downtime, and radically cuts maintenance costs.

Best of all, RetroFeel™ is now available for remote installation by the your organization. Feelit’s representatives will tailor the non-invasive sticker sensors to your specific needs and equipment, and remotely instruct you on how to deploy the system properly. The process is quick, easy, and intuitive. Feelit will answer all your questions, ensuring that the installation is every bit as impactful as one we’ve done ourselves. Now more than ever, Feelit will help you to keep your operations running smoothly, and your employees safe.